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Buddha in a Jar releases new single ‘Blank Verse’

May 5 • 2311 Views • No Comments on Buddha in a Jar releases new single ‘Blank Verse’

Buddha in a Jar from Kolkata are in the process of recording their debut EP, The band, formed recently on Jan 17 is making waves with it’s new single Blank Verse...

Lucid Recess – ‘This Alarming Calm’ new single!

Lucid Recess recently released their new single ‘This alarming Calm’  the track was recorded, mixed and mastered at Lucid...

Nov 10 • 2332 Views

Xpressions’ 16 is here!

Xpressions’ 16, one of eastern India’s largest annual Management Cultural Fests, conducted by Xavier Institute of Management,...

Nov 10 • 2059 Views

Register for India’s biggest battle of the bands Searock!

Searock is a semi-pro band competition hosted as a part of the three day long cultural fest, Waves, BITS Pilani Goa. Over the years...

Jul 12 • 4239 Views

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Exclusive music video premiere ‘Lebenssucht’- Beloved Depression

Nov 11 • 2649 Views • No Comments on Exclusive music video premiere ‘Lebenssucht’- Beloved Depression

The new official music video for the LEBENSSUCHT track ‘Beloved Depression‘ taken from their EP- Fucking My Knife that released in July 9th, 2016. With...

Axl Rose sends notice to Google demanding takedown of fat memes

Axl Rose seemingly worked his ass off in preparation of this summer’s tours fronting Guns N’ Roses and AC/DC. Not...

Jun 8 • 2556 Views

Bangladeshi metallers Burial Dust released debut EP “Oshubho Ahobaan”

Bangladeshi black metal scene is rising at full tilt with the addition of newer and newer diabolic hordes. Burial Dust...

Mar 15 • 2531 Views

After ‘Mentally Murdered’ Lahore gears up for ‘Unorthodox’

Few days back Lahore witnessed the fury of ‘Mentally Murdered’ where bunch of kick-ass acts performed and...

Jan 2 • 2891 Views


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