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‘What Escapes Me’ released debut album ‘Egress Point’

Apr 27 • 195 Views • No Comments on ‘What Escapes Me’ released debut album ‘Egress Point’

Kolkata metallers ‘What Escapes Me’ are well known in the scene with the quality music they have been producing over the years , The metal community was...

skybound band kolkata album

Kolkata metallers Skybound released debut single “Take Me Back”

Skybound is a two-piece experimental metal band from Kolkata.The band is formed by Deeparshi Roy and Srinjoy Mahato(both students of...

Mar 22 • 283 Views

gingerfeet live in mumbai

New music video from Gingerfeet ‘Make Your Stand’

Gingerfeet are back with a bang! With Make Your Stand, Kolkata’s very own prove yet again why they are India’s answer to Funk /...

Mar 14 • 406 Views


Juggernaut release new single ‘Why So Serious’

When you think of Nasik, metal is hardly the first thing that comes to one’s mind but over the years we have seen loads of awesome...

Mar 1 • 378 Views

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Burial Dust Live at WRF 1

Bangladeshi metallers Burial Dust released debut EP “Oshubho Ahobaan”

Mar 15 • 297 Views • No Comments on Bangladeshi metallers Burial Dust released debut EP “Oshubho Ahobaan”

Bangladeshi black metal scene is rising at full tilt with the addition of newer and newer diabolic hordes. Burial Dust proclaimed their existence during the culmination...

lahore metal event

After ‘Mentally Murdered’ Lahore gears up for ‘Unorthodox’

Few days back Lahore witnessed the fury of ‘Mentally Murdered’ where bunch of kick-ass acts performed and...

Jan 2 • 1004 Views

tribute gig deth bangladesh

Interview with Bangladesh Metal Alliance

Interview by Hassan Amin ‘We announced the gig officially from our Facebook page on 13th December which is...

Jan 1 • 241 Views

go fund me campaign

Bring me the horizon just donated $10,000 to The Ghost Inside’s campaign

The ghost Inside recently had a terrible bus accident while the band was on tour, It’s safe to say all the band...

Nov 20 • 1117 Views


The Slumbering Ent