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New album update from Winter Gate

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Sometime in 2014 this band from Jaipur caught everyone’s attention after Transcending Obscurity signed them up and pressed about 100 copies of their debut EP- Dis-Illumination, which soon sold out. In a country where not many play their “death metal” right, Winter Gate, a band from a place where you’d least expect to find a death metal band, play some harrowing extreme music blended with clean melodies and progressions. Finally after about FOUR years, the guys have some new music churning in the studio.

Yes, we are in studios with the album finished halfway through. Hell lot of experimentation happened in the time, and [when asked about the reason for a long wait] we just wanted to be very much sure about where to take the sound especially when playing around with long song writings and mixing genres.

Though Keshav Dhar produced their previous release, the band confirmed that they will be taking matters into their own hands this time around. It will be interesting to see whether these guys are equally good behind the console.

The band has had some line-up changes but they’re all pretty sure we’ll have some more melancholy our way. “The new songs are crafted keeping a balance between quickly moving parts, which will definitely showcase the new chemistry also which we can’t wait to share with everyone.

Although the EP was one of the best Indian releases of that year, the only shortcoming was drums played by silicon chips. Fortunately, Winter Gate found a manual replacement for the robot. “..that was something we did back in time the best we could, with the best we had. But this time we took time to make sure instruments sound as they should. Behind the Drum kit is Sudeep Saxena- he has been an integral part of the band since about 4 years; for all the hard work gone in making this record, it would have been a big give away if we didn’t record the album with live drums. He has showcased a brilliant mixture of dexterity and speed that will keep the adrenaline high through out the album.” Yaay!

The songs on the next release will be longer than those on the EP but expect no similarities between the two releases as the band has experimented a lot. They’ve experimented so much that the folks say they’ll be taking a break from long tracks after this release[haha].

The new record is called Pathway Through Redemption, a concept album with 6 long songs dividing the whole story in 6 parts. This is an intense short dark love story about an insomniac, down trodden, will ripped farmer’s quest to his redemption, which he must find through his dreams. The songs are named like one could relate it with his/her life. We will share the track list in a month or two, followed by a single, artwork and the album.” They also confirmed that Kunal from TO has the release and distribution duties.

DisIllumination was more of a DIY album with the artwork and inlay work taken care of by the band’s closest friends Anudeep Mathur, Hitesh Adawni and Rishabh Goswami. With regards the artwork for the next release: “Mr. Turkka Rantenan (France/Finland) is doing the artwork for Pathway through Redemption, who also did the new logo for us, which was seen on the Manotaur T shirts, released later last year.” In case you are wondering where to buy the tees from, they are sold out, my friend.

The band is currently in talks with a couple of promoters for gigs in support of Pathway Through Redemption and they will be more than glad to play in cities they’ve never had the opportunity to visit. So If you want them in your local pub, NOW IS THE TIME and “If everything falls in its place, we[the band] will start sharing content in a month or two.

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