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What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete

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Wacken Open Air 2012, Inferno Metal Festival 2013, a couple of RSMAs, a sold out debut full-length- a meager introduction to the band from Mumbai with fans who can go on a killing spree for their very own buntais in Zygnema. Having released their debut four years after incarnating a groove-thrash band and garnering mostly positive reviews from across the globe, this helluva band is ready with their next full-length studio album, interestingly titled, ‘What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete



Juggling between jobs and gigs, the band has been fervently awaiting the album launch and the big day is nigh. Their next one involves a lot of people from various studios and big names who have contributed to culminate the work on the album to perfection. “We started tracking our instruments in September 2014 at Arbit Random studios along with Tejas Narayanan. Jimmy recorded vocals along with Sahil Makhija and the whole album was mixed and mastered at Mothership Productions. We wanted to do something special for our audience on this album hence the last minute tracking happened at Amplitude Recording Studio.”

Their last album ‘Born Of Unity‘ was sold out not long after they had released its physical copies but many fans complained of not being able to lay their hands on one. The band intends to retail the physical copies and sell them extensively at launch gigs and will be utilizing online platforms like Instamojo, OkListen, iTunes, Bandcamp, Pandora etc. to make available the digital downloads for fans here and across the seven seas.

The album was earlier scheduled to release in December of last year but the release date moved to Jan/Feb of 2015 because the band were “famished when it came to coming up with ideas for their album cover.” To add to the woes, the band’s sound engineer Akash Sawant was caught up with work but never failed to provide the much needed impetus to the band to complete a beast of an album. Finally, with an artwork by Reuben Bhattacharya from Visual Amnesia, the album will be launched this month.

What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete

What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete

Fans can expect nothing less than a masterpiece with quite a few experiments on sound as well as collaborations.“There are some moments in few of our songs where we’ve implemented Carnatic rhythmic patterns. What interests us the most is the rhythmic patterns. We are really digging it and will work more towards it.

They also have high hopes with regards an official video in support to the album. The band said, “We just need to collect enough cash and get our concept right to ensure one the best music videos to have come out of this country.

The bigger a band is, the more one starts expecting out of them. We are expecting nothing less from Zygnema. “We have really worked hard as a band and individually as musicians to up our game with our instruments. We have put in a lot of efforts learning and applying stuff on this record. Personally I’d say that this album is slightly more relentless than the previous one. We are freaking proud of what we came up with and cant wait to share it with everyone.

Upon asking if the fans can expect any bombshells in the Album launch gig, the band was terse enough. “You don’t go to war knowing where you will find land mines or get bombed. You got to take it the way it comes.

The band is all set to launch their assault and continue their tour with Delhi being the next stop.

Delhi – 17th June
Bangalore – 26th June
Chennai – 28th June
Ujjain – 3rd July
Indore – 4th July
Bhopal. – 5th July

Make it to the above shows and witness Zygnema unleash this beast.

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