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Midhaven sign with Universal Music to release new album ‘Spellbound’

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Mumbai-based progressive metal band ‘Midhaven’ have signed with Universal Music India. Their new album, titled ‘Spellbound’, will be released worldwide through the major label, on 24th March 2014 (digital release).

Midhaven Spellbound

Midhaven Spellbound

Frontman Karan Kaul told us about the signing, “The deal was a freak accident. We released an EP ‘Tales from the Tide’ last year and as part of promotions for it, we were sending out copies everywhere. A copy somehow reached Universal.  They loved it! So they gave us a call. Next thing I know, we’d signed a contract with them.

Sridhar TVN, A&R of Universal Music (India) said, “Midhaven is a brilliant young metal band we are thrilled to represent; their music is a powerful combination of skilful musicianship, mystic & emotive lyrics and unbridled enthusiasm. Their album is an intense start for a band who are committed to produce & perform the best that you can hear in this genre.

The band quoted that,  “We’re honored that a major record label is appreciating the metal scene that has gradually grown over the years in our country. Signing with a label like Universal Music is an amazing feat for us, for a couple of years back, we were just a bunch of college kids with a dream.

The backing of a label makes a huge difference to any band. For Midhaven also it has had an effect. “It lends us a great amount of stability. They will be handling the distribution, promotion, marketing etc. of our album. We are thus getting a much wider release than we would have otherwise gotten. The album will go out worldwide. We are getting a lot more exposure. This has taken the pressure off us and enabled us to concentrate on the music. And the people at Universal have not interfered with our music at all. We’ve written the album on our own terms.

Comparing the album to their previous release, Karan tells us, “The new album will be a lot heavier than our previous EP. We felt that the songs on that release were quite light though they sounded good live. We have incorporated sludge metal on this album and it sounds heavy. The production also has been much more polished thanks to our producer, Jordan Veigas from Reverrse Polarity. We’ve put in a lot more effort this time around and it shows.”



‘Spellbound’ is a concept album with the plot influenced by Greek and Indian mythology and by popular games like the God of War series and Skyrim. The story follows a central character taking his revenge on the Gods. The cover shows us this character and it looks quite cool. The album releases on 24th March and is surely a release to look forward to by an extremely promising young band.

Here is a teaser for the album:

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