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Halahkuh – Desecration Review

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Halahkuh is a 4 piece Death/Thrash metal band from Pune. Current line-up consists of Vocals/ Bass by Prakhar Soni,Chinmay Bokil on leads, Rhythms by Subhrajyoti Sarkar and Arjun Menon on the Drums. Halahkuh is a phenomenally powerful entity, which is fully descration EP showcased in Desecration EP.

Track listing:

1. Ordeal (Intro)

2. Sacrilege (featuring Shashank Bhatnagar)

3. Possessed Strangulated and Enslaved

4. In Extremis

The EP kicks off with Ordeal (Intro) which is a well-produced instrumental track creating the platform for the next biggie, Sacrilege, featuring the Goliath vocalist of Indian Metal scene, Shashank Bhatnagar (ex-Undying Inc.) The Riff feeds you with raw energy fully complementing the vocal power of Shashank and Prakhar. Quite heavy track and the message in the track is full of depth. It’s about how humankind has lost its meaning of being the most gifted species of all and now we are “condemned for the sin of sacrilege”.

Next up is Possessed, Strangulated and Enslaved. The track kicks in with pure energy and has shades of Big daddies of Thrash, Exodus. The best portion is the pre-chorus. The Thrashy interlude is very gripping and will give you shivers down your spine. There is a headbang mayhem on this one baby… Filled with pure energy and pure aggression, it’s a great Death/Thrash Classic which was able to “possess my psyche” after so long. \m/

The last track of the EP is In Extremis. It’s about fighting for the truth and for the better world. Lyrics are great and has a perfect expression of aggression embedded into it. The breakdown is awesome and the vocals shine in this one. Perfect execution!

With this small EP, the message is straight. Halahkuh is here for THRASHING and DESTROYING!!! \m/

-reviewed by Tejax Khanna

Check out their teaser before they released their EP:

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