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Chaos gearing up for their second

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Amidst the scenic mountains and winding rivers, Kerala isn’t a place where you would usually expect a mosh-pit and a thrash metal band delivering their wicked sermon. This cliché-ridden world with its usual dose of banality does not let you think otherwise. But ripping apart conventions and decimating the odds, is veteran thrash metal band, Chaos. With Trivandrum as their epicenter, they have been violently conquering gigs and their tremors can be felt all around, toppling things over and cracking walls with their power-packed songs.

Their focus right now is on their next album which will be released later this year in September. The band has cleared their gig calendar so that they can devote themselves to creating a poisonous brew to slaughter its fans with face-melting thrash.

The entire metal community erupted with the missile that came in the form of Violent Redemption. Rave reviews and electrifying gigs followed. The overwhelming positive response has guided them to newer ideas and they promise to deliver more in their next album.

“…It does put a little pressure on us to come out with something better than that, without disappointing the fans that Violent Redemption has given us. At the same time, it gave us the confidence to move forward and do what we had to do with more intensity than ever before. We were really anxious about what the world would think of our music while we were releasing Violent Redemption,” says the band.

It isn’t new that thrash metal deals with the issues that have plagued society since time immemorial. Chaos is no different; but the religious and political setting of a nation does give the nature of lyrical content a bona fide feel and people can relate to it more. Issues that create segregations especially religion and racism are what reverberates through the lyrics of the new songs that they are currently working on. Fans should expect a song solely based on the current nature of the media that has a bizarre habit of celebrating tragedies whether it is a rape or a murder or even a natural calamity.

On being asked to shed more light on the nature of content in the new album Chaos says, “Things that make people act like assholes without even them realizing that they’re doing so. We’ve tried to stay away from political themes on this one as much as possible, but it creeps in involuntarily once in a while.There are instances where even we’re unknowingly prejudiced towards people without really wanting to be so…”

They firmly believe that people who loved Violent Redemption will have no complaints about this one either. However they have issued a warning of sorts that this is going to be faster, heavier and meaner than ever!

The band has a rather spontaneous process which loosely involves random conversations or events being penned down which is later accompanied by suitable riffs. But the entire fun in recording lies in the fact that no one in the band knows how the final structure of a song will sound like. Apart from the usual toying with the structure of a particular song and modifying it until it sounds satisfactory during jamming sessions, sometimes the songs assume their final structure during the process of recording.

According to lead guitarist Nikhil, “Most of the time, while we’re in the process of composing, the things that we come up with, would sound good to our ears then and there. We’ll try out different song structures and almost all of our songs are done in a single session. Then, we’ll let it sit for a few days and come back and listen to it. If we feel that changes are necessary, we’ll do so. This process continues multiple times until we’re all happy with the way it sounds. Once the song structures is fixed, l sit alone and come up with guitar solos and finalize that too. So, before we enter the studio for the actual recording, we’ll have the home recorded scratch version of the entire album …”

A little known fact is that Keshav Dhar, from the prog-rock band Skyharbor, is the producer of Chaos’ albums. His expertise and suggestions help shape their songs and that has been the case in their debut album as well. The band has no qualms in admitting the fact that Keshav is more like their fifth member who puts in an equal effort to come up with a great album just as the other members do.

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