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Indus Creed to release new track in September

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Indie scene veterans Indus Creed are set to roll out their new song ‘Thief’ this September as they promise to take it heavier this time with their sound as they explore “newer forms and tones”in their upcoming new material. We caught up with Uday Benegal, the lead vocalist and front man of the band to shed light on their new work. When asked about the upcoming song he said, “It’s a slammer of a track. I won’t discuss the lyrics because I prefer to let the audience’s imagination interpret them as they will. But I will say that it’s about the unexpected turn that hits an otherwise solid relationship. And it’s heavier than a lot of our stuff” This is clearly enough to whet the appetite of any follower of the legendary band who decided to reunite after more than 10 years to release their album Evolve in 2012.


Indus Creed Live    (Photo Courtesy: Srikrish Photgraphy))

Indus Creed Live (Photo Courtesy: Srikrish Photgraphy)

Although it has been so many years that Indus Creed has been creating great music and gigging around the world, they have remained focus on making the kind of music they love. Though all the members of the band are also involved in several projects,Uday reiterates that Indus Creed gives the members of the band that fulfillment which allows them to keep going for as long as they have done;He says, “The music that Indus Creed makes gives us that fulfillment whenever we do it and the impetus to keep doing it”.

As we see many bands belting out awesome tunes day in and day out, Indus Creed are one of the few who have seen the indie scene through its brightest and darkest days and they feel that this is one of the best times that the scene has had, he says, “It’s a fantastic time for non-Bollywood, non-traditional independent music in India. There have never been so many bands as today—and they’re all writing their own stuff! That’s the shit that makes me the happiest”. Among the others, he also notes, bands like the F16’s, Spud in the Box, Nicholson, Skrat among all others have caught his attention and the scene is improving in leaps and bounds

Uday Benegal,  Indus Creed Vocalist ( Photo Courtesy: Elvis D'Silva)

Uday Benegal, Indus Creed Vocalist ( Photo Courtesy: Elvis D’Silva)

While Indus Creed will be releasing a new track, a new album however is some ways in the making as Uday points out that “We’re not talking album release right now; it’s going to be a steady flow of new music which will very likely come together in a full-length album at some point.” Do not however let this be a downer as Indus Creed are set to perform at the Ziro Festival of Music in September where they will be ready to “slam it big and heavy” along with the promise that they will be playing more regularly. So watch out,Indus Creed should soon be heading to your city. So we eagerly await for Indus Creed’s new track and some heavy new live shows come this festival season.

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