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Godless release debut single ‘Infest’

May 28 • News • 1806 Views • No Comments on Godless release debut single ‘Infest’

This is the age of pushing the envelope and giving the listeners something they will remember , something new and this is exactly what the people from Hyderabad new boys Godless have done with their debut single ‘Infest‘. This track features ex Dread Response vocalist Sean O’Kane Connolly in a special single.

They band is especially excited about this collaboration and they feel “He’s an incredible vocalist and since I (Abbas) was in New Zealand during the recording I got to sit in on the vocal recording session where it was amazing to see Sean at work.”

Godless - Infest | Artwork done by  Pranati Khanna

Godless – Infest | Artwork done by Pranati Khanna

The members of Godless however are not new scene as they feature the folks from bands like Skrypt and Shock Therapy. Getting a new band up and running requires real hard work and the band had all barrels down the hatches as they worked for a good few months to get this project up and running “This project was in the pipeline for about 3-4 months. We were initially looking for the right musicians and then got together and started working on writing some music. We spent the first few rehearsals trying to find our sound and then began composing the music. We did have a very different sound in mind so this project sounds nothing like our other bands. We just want to create some dark and evil sounding metal with a thrashy edge

The members of the band point out to us that the band is really looking to go places and find a vocalist to make permanent and move ahead with releasing an EP however release dates for EP have not been decided ‘As of now we’re only looking to continue writing music and will keep looking for the vocalist. We’re aiming at putting down around 4 songs for the EP. We’ve got some material ready so it hopefully should take us too long to put together the best 4 songs we can come up with for the EP. If we have trouble finding the right vocalist by the time we finish writing the music we’ll just hit up Sean once again and ask hopefully he’d still be keen to track the rest of the songs for us

The sound that this band is creating is be raw, angry and brutal .The lyrics of the track has been written by O’Kane Connolly and revolves around overpopulation and the adverse effect of mankind on earth.

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