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REVIEW: Fear From The Skies

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While hearing this album I was reminded of one thing, the high pitched vocals that were the trademark of the early NWOBHM era. Biposhree Das has  belted out the tracks in the dark and heavy Albatross album that is Fear from the Skies released on Transcending Obscurity India.

Fear of the Skies is the bands latest effort after ‘Dinner Is You‘ (2010) and ‘The Kissing Flies‘ (2012). The album cover two stories in its 8 tracks, heavy guitar riffs and amazingly melodic guitar solos in some ways sums up this album. You are set to get a dose of old school heavy metal with a lot of high pitched but clean singing.

Fear From The Skies

Fear From The Skies

The two stories in the album are Children of the Cloud and The Assassins Flight with the earlier being the longer of two and in my opinion more rounded than the later. Nishith Hegde , Varun Singh and Vigneshkumar Venkatraman have really outdone themselves in this album with the brilliant guitar solos forming the bridge of several songs in the album. The track Children of the Cloud stands out as the centerpiece of the album which is definitely not for the faint hearted.

Seeing the band play out this remarkable record  live is something not to be missed. Don’t forget to watch Albatross live at Pandemonium (Delhi) and Strength Of Steel (Kolkata).

Track list –

Story 1: Children of the Cloud

  1. Intro – Advance
  2. The Raptorsville Fair
  3. Jugglehead the Clown
  4. Children of the Cloud
  5. Outro – Fold

Story 2: The Assassin’s Flight

  1. In the Lair of Dr.Hex
  2. A Tale of Two Tyrants
  3. The Empire of Albatross

Pick up this album and have a go !

Rating: 9/10

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