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Providence working on their full length album ‘Embodiment’

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For  Providence, this year is proving to be a brilliant one. The band just got signed on the JLF roster, which is a promoting partner for the Euroblast Collective and bands like Deathember , who will be taking care of bookings and promotions for the band in Europe. With a stable lineup and the band now prepares for their full length album, titled Embodiment , which is said to feature 10 tracks. Also Sumit from MetamorphiK Booking Agency is now the band’s Manager and is solely responsible for the JLF stint. We sat down with the  Providence and had a chat on their upcoming album and the other developments at the Providence camp.




Starting out with just 20 people as your audience at B69 to opening for MEGADETH!! , you guys have stormed your way through to what every upcoming band dreams off, how has this evolution been for you?

We’ve evolved into not jamming at ridiculous hours!!!

With MetamorphiK handling your bookings, promotions and also partnering with JLF for promotions in Europe. Your global foothold just got stronger, how do you feel about this, any pressure on being ready?

I honestly can’t give out much on the JLF front at this point in time. As for our foothold getting stronger, I guess that is something only time can tell. We are obviously very fucking excited that things are shaping up the way they are!

As for pressure, when you are coming out with your first album, doing your initial round of tours and shows you’ve got nothing to lose, there’s always a point to prove as a band. And when that point has been proven, you are fucked. Because expectation’s go up. And then you need to be on top of your game, EVERY FUCKING TIME. Because if you slip up, someone else is going to take that spot which you’ve worked so hard to get.

Sumit being your new manager, Vivek Bhatt filling up for vocals, how is it in the jam room, how did all this changes come about?

We’ve always handled the band amongst ourselves. And more often than not we’ve ended up doing things that we didn’t think through with our head. It was time we get an outsider perspective on how things should run.We’ve been struggling to find a dedicated vocalist for quite some time now, Lineup changes are always hard because it disturbs the balance of the band. Vivek has filled in very comfortably. It’s more energetic in the jam room now and the drive to do more is back. Which was missing for a while now, since we weren’t getting stability in terms of a frontman!

You’ve been bombarding us fans with so many changes and updates, if it’s so difficult for us to digest I can only imagine what you guys are going through, how are you guys coping up with so much heat?

Haha! I don’t know. We’ve been very laid back about this. We haven’t flipped the lid yet. Like I said, it’s awesome that things are happening, but things don’t really happen till you get a result out of everything you do! We haven’t gotten the time to “cope” with things. We are busy writing new material. Album is top priority.

You hinted that the Album is going to focus on 10 fictional characters, could you describe us more about the album how the idea of this plot occurred?

All of us love Video Games, Anime, Giant robots and Swords and Samurais and all that shit! So it was a no-brainer. We wanted to write an album about characters that we grew up as kids. And write songs about all these awesome bad guys and good guys from the gaming and anime world!

Since you’ve tied up with JLF Promotions now any chances that you would be touring internationally for your forthcoming album?

That’s the whole point, no? Anyway, it’s too early to give out details for tours let alone an international one. Like I said, album takes top priority!

I bet Megadeth was one of a dream come true band to open for and I’m sure you’ll have many more bands which you would want to share the stage with, could you name a few?

Absolutely, man! Opening for Megadeth is now off the bucket list! Other names on that list include
Iron Maiden, Machine Head, Down (only to be on the same stage as Phil Anselmo) I don’t know man…the list is way too long! We’ll have to do another article on that!

When could we expect your tour dates and launch of your new album?

Tour dates are far off! We need to finish 3 more songs and then we can start tracking! So all dates will be announced in due time!


Providence Live at blueFROG

Providence Live at blueFROG

We also spoke to  Sumit on being the band’s new manager, here’s what he had to say
This has been a very eventful year so far already. And while I’ve been busy working on a hell lot of different things, I’ve decided to work with this awesome Groove metal band from Bombay, India: Providence. They opened for Megadeth a couple of weeks back and that was a well deserved opportunity for these talented young fellows! And I need to mention that I’m a fan first. So if I’m working with them, it’s because, I like their music and their attitude. It’s the same with all the bands I work with. It is also the only metal band from India that I’m booking at the moment. My first assignment with Providence was to get them on a European agency’s roster. And now Providence is signed by JLF Promotions, a EuroBlast collective. JLF will now be taking care of bookings and promotions for the band in Europe. All this came about when I was on tour with Deathember. I showed Providence to them and they loved it. And soon I got in touch with Julian Parusel – Head of Booking, JLF Promotion. He loved them too and decided to sign the band. Now this is really cool because, Providence, Deathember and Inner Sanctum are signed by the same European booking agency!

You guys stand as a Testament for upcoming bands that true talent and hard work eventually pays off, could you leave these young aspiring bands any tips or messages?

Thank you for using such words, man! Hahaha!

I don’t know. Do it with all your heart, do it with dignity and integrity. Don’t suck dicks for gigs. There’ll always be people who’d want to fuck or fight. Remember to fight for what is right. Remember that if you don’t fight for your band/music, nobody else will. Remember that people have a hard time accepting other people’s success. Remember who your friends are. Remember who are not your friends. See them change when you climb the ladder. Remember to not do it for the bitches, cause there aren’t any. Remember to do it because you want too, because you want to be onstage with your guitar or drums or bass or a mic and play your heart out because when the lights go out, that moment when you were on stage will be with you forever. Imagine playing a lot of shows and being able to relive them anytime you want!

Being in a metal band is hard. There’s no money. There’s no support. You have to do it on your own. Nobody will buy your music if they don’t want too. Don’t crib about it, man up and fucking go for round two. Remember that people who truly love your band/music will be there for you and this I’m speaking straight from personal experience.

MOST IMPORTANTLY , Remember that there’s no “BIG BAND” bullshit on the day of the gig. The band that owns the venue, owns the night. Being in a metal band is all about having the drive to do it.  So…

May the force be with you!


While the band is busy writing material for their new album here is one of their new tracks ‘Dante’

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