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What Escapes Me release artwork for ‘Egress Point’

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Album artwork - Egress Point

Album artwork – Egress Point

What Escapes Me has released their artwork of their much anticipated debut album ‘Egress Point‘. The band is finishing up their album and the fans can expect the release in a couple of months. We spoke to the band regarding the concept of this beautiful artwork, “Its actually two parallel stories merging into one. In one of our songs titled ‘Flashback’, the story is about an athlete who after getting injured , gets introduced to the world prescribed drugs only to realize that these are slowly chaining him up mentally and physically until he resorts to Nature to help him overcome his problems. So Nature, in some ways provides him a portal/alternate dimension to heal himself. So nature is the athlete’s Egress Point

The other story is that we as a band use ‘What Escapes Me’ to escape our mundane life activities. ‘What Escapes Me’ is our Egress Point. So the athlete also in some ways depict us as a band who are using this portal to escape this world and into a better place hopefully.The parallel story line and their interconnection seemed like an interesting idea to come up with something visually and here we are.” the band said. The artwork has been designed by the band’s guitarist Arindam Sen.

Egress Point would feature 10 tracks by What Escapes Me . The tracklist was announced by the band earlier this year , for those who might have missed this we have it for you

1. Coalesce
2. Pseudo Showcase
3. Empty Signs
4. Flashback
5. Section 66 part 5
6. Killing Tomorrow
7. My Reality
8. Maze Of Mutual Apocalypse
9. Avenge
10. The Truth Of A Lie

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