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  • POTF gig review | St. John’s Medical College

    Sep 9, 15 • 2622 Views • All Updates, News, ReviewsNo Comments

    You know something magical is gonna take place when  11,000+ people gather at a medical college. And it was indeed pure magic. Finland’s very own Poets of the Fall played an absolutely beautiful set as part of the Autumn Muse festival organized by...

  • Metal Mayhem VI

    Metal Mayhem in Guwahati

    May 6, 14 • 2529 Views • NewsNo Comments

    The city of Guhawati has a brewing metal scene unlike Bangalore or Mumbai where shows happen in plenty. But there are people who are trying all they can to provide the right kind of  platform for the upcoming bands.  Such are Rocka Rolla and Incanned...