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Metal Mayhem in Guwahati

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The city of Guhawati has a brewing metal scene unlike Bangalore or Mumbai where shows happen in plenty. But there are people who are trying all they can to provide the right kind of  platform for the upcoming bands.  Such are Rocka Rolla and Incanned Production and their brainchild Metal Mayhem. Metal Mayhem is one such show, with its 6th edition to be held on 8th May at Ozone.  The previous edition of Metal Mayhem have featured the likes Nervo Chaos (Brazil) and Kalodin (Nepal). This year around the show features Mortar, Psybarite , Cynical Project , Sycorax , Agnostic  and Plague Throat and promises to be one of the best shows Guwahati has witnessed.

Kolkata metallers Mortar are going to perform in Guwahati for the first time and the band is really looking forward to the huge moshpits  “We have been wanting to visit the north east since a long time because of the intense audience and their love for music. We have just played in Forged in fire II, kolkata and our confidence level is boosted to the maximum. We are honoured to be playing with Agnostic and Plague Throat. Expecting a huge circle pit during our set and beer drinking session after the gig with the boys.” , says Samrat (vocalist,  Mortar).

Metal Mayhem VI

Metal Mayhem VI

Though the scene is growing in Guwahati ,with  the number of shows growing but the crowd turn up at times has been a bit disappointing. Co-organiser Anish Bhattacharjee of Incanned Production has thrown the gauntlet back to the crowd “Number of shows have increased but the crowd sometimes is disappointing. People here has lost the passion they once had for metal. Most of the peeps have shifted to other cities and the ones who are here rarely come for gigs. As far as the new crowd is concerned except a few of them they are not very passionate about attending gigs and such. That is the bitter truth. Anyways, we are expecting a lot many for this gig with this line up.”

So its time to break those shackles that are stopping you and be a part of this Mayhem and show your support to the local scene.

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