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Exclusive: Aswekeepsearching Release B-303 ft Bhayanak Maut’s Sunneith Revankar

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When post-rock band Aswekeepsearching performed in Bangalore last month, they brought on stage a special guest – Bhayanak Maut vocalist Sunneith Revankar, to jam on one of their heaviest/metal-est songs “B-303” off the new album Khwaab.

So impressed was the band with Revankar’s cover of the song that they pushed him into the studio to record a vocal cover. Aswekeepsearching guitarist Uddipan Sarmah says, “The plan was all Sunneith’s, and I only said Hell Yeah! He heard the band and really liked “The Tattva.” That’s when the album, Khwaab was in the making. Over time and with conversations, I asked Sunneith if he would like to feature on a song from the album.”

A fan of the band, Revankar says he’s always found Aswekeepsearching’s music very emotionally intense. He adds, “I was a little nervous because I am a fan of the band. I had been meaning to watch them live for a while. Then this opportunity presented itself. Needless to say it was quite incredible. I wish we could do this more often. One of these days, I’m going to slip some lots of extra ice in Uddipan’s drink so that I get to sing the whole set.” Revankar said writing vocal melodies to an instrumental song is always difficult, but he explains his process, “It’s usually a visual scape that I start with and then proceed to write words.”

You can hear the recorded version of “B-303” here but if you want to catch it live, you need to sign up for the band’s next Bangalore gig – at the pay-what-you-want gig series Control Alt Delete on January 16.

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