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Exclusive release: Extreme Nation Documentary trailer

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Extreme Nation chronicles one of the darkest, most explicit and mysterious forms of a subculture spawned over years of metal music in the Indian subcontinent – confronting a high-power, historic & exciting ride from the past to the present – that have been hitherto little known or largely unexplored.

Shot over a timespan of two years and filmed across various cities, towns and beyond borders, this feature length documentary delves deep into the lives of those who are die-hard beacons and irrepressible spirits of the subculture, unfolding an awe-inspiring anthology of the emergence of metal underground in the Indian subcontinent.

©Copyright – Royville Productions, 2015.

With a self funded limited budget and time-location constraints, the entire shoot spanning 2 years, was conducted with careful pre-planning, and a clear DIY mandate – to capture characters in concurrence with real events. The story depicts never-before shot underground shows, places and faces in the Indian subcontinent, a first-hand account through exploratory travel.
So far the documentary has been shot across 7 states, 9 cities and towns of India, and as well beyond borders in (Lahore)Pakistan, and (Dhaka) Bangladesh through the lenses of 13 pro-cameramen from the fields of documentary, ad-filmmaking and music video backgrounds.The film is undergoing post production and still awaits the much needed funds and grants to secure completion of the project in 2016.
Extreme Nation is a researched and honest attempt in capturing the true facades of extreme underground metal music in India and the SAARC countries, promising a high-power historic & exciting ride from the past to the present of this genre of music, without following the usual TV/ youtube style music episodes which are sometimes painfully academic, often half-baked & lop-sided,  and blatantly sponsor-led.
Extreme Nation will be the depiction of true unscathed and uncharted realm of this beautifully obnoxious offshoot of heavy metal music.
short bio of self:
An Artist & Repertoire professional and Documentary Filmmaker, Roy has been creating and managing content related to music and films since the last 10 years. After working in advertising and major record labels, Roy wanted to use his experience and knowledge base to make films that would convey various stories that need to be told. He has been an ardent music researcher, close observer, and a metalhead for a very long time.
NAFiR was his directorial debut and a music documentary effort in 2015 that has been in the official selections at the recently concluded 21st Kolkata International Film Festival, 17th Madurai International FIlm Festival and the 14th Festival Film Dokumenter, Yogyakarta Indonesia. Currently Roy’s working on two other projects that would be revealed later in 2016.
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