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Evil Conscience to release debut EP ‘Death Is Only The Beginning’ in June

May 3 • News • 2433 Views • No Comments on Evil Conscience to release debut EP ‘Death Is Only The Beginning’ in June

Kolkata’s Evil Conscience, is synonymous with the cultural hubs on and off relationship with Heavy Metal frenzy. Instrumental in almost single-handedly organizing the revered “The Pit” initiative which brought the city’s helter skelter disorganized handful of Metal acts together under one roof. Unfortunately for the lads who took care of the city’s starvation for Heavy music, have always pulled the short end of the straw when it came to themselves. Plagued by lack of musician-friendly infrastructure, last minute line-up changes, the band never got the chance to put their debut out, till now. Changing their moniker from Death Is Only the Beginning to Evil Conscience a few years back, the 5-piece have been working their collective asses off promoting their brand of unrelenting Death Metal wherever they can.

Evil Conscience

Evil Conscience

Currently putting finishing touches to their debut EP which releasing the coming month, the band is preparing for an intimate release show that will see them play the entire setlist live, comprising of tracks which they have never showcased before. The band gave us a little peek into what’s the concept behind their debut EP:

The conception behind the EP takes us all back to the time when we were young, innocent and naive. Each obstacle we face in life becomes a lesson and our personality, character and the way we think forever. Over time we develop certain perspectives to living life which may contradict with others. But, are the things which make us unique as an individual and it guides our fate towards its ultimate destination. While we may be unaware of our fate but we are still an individual capable of making our own choices. It is this realization of our own self-conscience that starts our journey and only by each and every obstacle we face, we can gain enough experience to tackle our future barriers. This concept has been the main goal behind making each and every song in this EP.”

Death Is Only The Beginning Artwork

Death Is Only The Beginning Artwork

The band also took the responsibility of assembling the EP together from scratch in their own home studio, and to cull our curiosity they also shared the gear used on the EP:

We employed a very minimalistic approach towards the recording process and we never stock up on more than what we need. We used for vocals and SM57, for guitars an Ibanez rg321 with EMG pickups and Ernie Ball strings; for bass: Ibanez BTB 6string and Superior drummer”.

The reformed 5-piece who found their new drummer Joy Singh right at the nick of time, a few days before they were supposed to go onstage for the The Abomination gig.Tentatively to be released in or around the 3rd week of May, Evil Conscience are planning to play an intimate album release gig with local bands and a surprise act from Darjeeling doing the honors of supporting the Tech Death crew. Here’s wishing EP a successful foray into their cornucopia of musical technicality and anatomical brutality.

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