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Old School Death metallers from the Capital, Fragarak are due to play their first international tour next few days. The 5-piece outfit who released their debut full length “Crypts of Dissimulation” last year to rave reviews from across the globe, are going live on the following dates:


Fragarak to play two shows in China

Fragarak to play two shows in China


When Fragarak came out with “Cryps of Dissimulation” last year, the debut album boasted of only 6 tracks but did they prove the numbers game wrong and how. The band has played with fellow Prog Death Metallers Winter Gate and Doom lords Djinn and Miskatonic and other Indian Old School Metal heavyweights just to name a few, including stints at Entombed Fest in Mumbai and the Transcending Obscurity fest a few months back.

“Just when you think you have heard it all, there comes a band which redefines one’s perspective, in a good way. Therefore, it comes as no surprise when Fragarak, barely in its 2nd year, emerges with a stellar debut” was what I had to say when I heard Fragarak the first time, and it did not take Solomon’s wisdom to predict what they would have accomplished by year tres!


Fragarak on their China Tour:
“Initially we were in talks with Promoters in China as we were interested in playing there. After the release of our record, they eventually heard us and got back to us with a mini tour proposal . This was way back in January. We are glad that finally things did shape up.

We are aware of a few fine acts in the China scene namely Explosicum, Narakam and Screaming Savior. And also not to mention Impiety from Singapore. We are really looking forward to sharing stages with them now

Asia Metal Festival at Shangai

Asia Metal Festival at Shangai

The band is planning to do a few more shows/tour in support of their debut release through early 2015.Straight after the China tour Fragarak would be heading to Thane to play the Transcending Obscurity Fest.

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