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Stream District: Blood Ceremony, The Skull, Foreskin/Maowali, Saor, Rude

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As our nation’s playing its own version of ‘Capture the Flag’ with verbal rockets and plasma guns shot at every tom, dick and harry with a political inclination(that means everyone), what’s wrong to ask for a bit of reprieve from all this rather dull idea of chaos? Say hello to your saviors..

1. Blood Ceremony

This whole doom/retro rock/insert-whatever-from-the-’70s is just becoming a rather too tepid to my liking. Its not far  before we hit the burnout wall. But then again bands like Blood Ceremony do keep the warm fuzz of old intact. Here’s their brand new single titled Let it All Come Down. This is to be a part of a two song 7″ vinyl released via Rise Above Records.


2. The Skull

Forget super groups this is 80’s American doom after going all Super Saiyan. I guess that was too much of an exaggeration. Or probably not, because this has Eric Wagner!! on vocals, together with Jeff Olson and Rob Holzner. Now that’s a lot of ‘Trouble’. Also featuring are ex-Pentagram guitarist Matts Goldsborough and Lothar Keller from Sacred Dawn. They’ve released two singles from a yet to be named album which is to be released through Tee Pee Records. Interesting indeed. Oh and yeah stoked as hell!


3. Foreskin/Maowali Split

The effect of lobbing a potato masher into an unsuspecting German patrol (if you are into WWII FPS ). Short and quick with a common goal.

That’d be the best way to put this under 5 minute ride of top notch frag friendly thrash and hardcore from Foreskin(Pakistan) and Maowali (Nepal).

4. Saor

Roots from Saor was one of the more truly captivating releases last year. All those blissful Celtic melodies that were carefully sewn into this larger tapestry of atmospheric black metal was something worth getting entranced by. But this latest single titled Children of the Mist, will melt you. Not by heat but by its sheer scale of beauty.

The track comes off their latest album Aura, soon to be released by the brilliant, and probably the go-to place for some of the best new melodic atmospheric BM, Northern Silence Productions.

5. Rude

This is the last track and its time i give you some conditioning in being the rotten, mud wallowing, nimrod you were before this post started out. This is death metal sounding pretty close to the Martin van Drunen era Pestilence that’s run on grime and not any standard grade fuel.

Their first single Haunted comes off their debut record titled Soul Recall, to be released by FDA Rekotz.

And hellyeah! They have the cover art done by the brilliant Dan Seagrave!



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