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Sikth To Headline Silence Festival, Nepal and Euroblast, Germany

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The legendary U.K. prog/tech-metallers SikTh announced they are reuniting for really real and if you thought the performance at Download festival was suppose to be a one off for these guys then you are certainly wrong. UK metallers SikTh (official) will be headlining this year’s Euroblast Festival (Germany) and Silence Festival(Nepal) as well.

Silence Festival is an annual fest held in Nepal featuring international and local bands.  SILENCE FESTIVAL has featured some of the best bands under their festival to the metalheads in Nepal and across other neighboring countries. The previous editions have featured metal giants such as BEHEMOTHVADERTEXTURES, FREAK KITCHEN and NEAR DEATH CONDITION. Indian metallers Zygnema played alongside Behemoth during the previous edition of Silence Festival.

Sikth To Headline Silence Festival Nepal And Euroblast

Sikth To Headline Silence Festival Nepal And Euroblast

In a recent interview of Sikth with Metal Hammer, 

What caused you guys to split in the first place back in 2008?

“I think that the pressures of being in a band got to Mikee [Goodman, co-vocalist], and he wanted to try something new, which was totally cool, and Justin [Hill, co-vocalist] didn’t wanna go on on his own, so we looked at finding a new [solitary] vocalist. We searched high and low, but we didn’t find anyone that we felt was the right standard, so we decided that, at that point, rather than doing something sub-standard, we’d end on a high, with two albums that we were really proud of.”

Why return now?

“My first fear is that people would think that we were doing it for some kind of monetary reason, but that’s genuinely not the reason. We’re really proud of what we’ve achieved in the past, and I guess that we’ve realised that we still love the songs and we miss playing them together. Truth be told, I’ve been holding back for a while, because I’ve been busy as a producer, but when I was at Download this year I bumped into our booking agent, and I said I’d be up for doing it next year. I met up with the guys, we had a few beers and said, ‘If we have the right conditions and we feel that we can put on a good show, let’s do it!’ Learning those songs again is a fucking workout! Ha ha ha!”

Sikth Euroblast Festival Lineup Poster

Sikth Euroblast Festival Lineup Poster

Here’s the official poster of Euroblast Festival with Sikth as the headliners!


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