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NVRVD – Coma | Review

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Mohammad Kabeer reviews the new album from NVRVD titled Coma, released via Hummus Records.

NVRVD - Coma

NVRVD – Coma


01. Oberhoe
02. Impartial Eyes
03. We are
04. An Echo to your unbeliefs
05. No Heaven
06. Niederohe

Hello again! I had not been well for quite some time , but here I am again reviewing another hardcore album, this one comes all the way from the land of Teutonic thrash , but if you think I am going to review some Kreator worshipping band than you are far from right .The band in question is NVRVD and the genre that they play is actually one whose ancestors helped give rise to the birth of Thrash in general.

NVRVD is a three piece from Bielfeled, Germany consisting of Stefan Braumschmidt (Bass, vocals) Lukas Heier (Drums, Sound) and Christian Braumschmidt (Guitar, Vocals). Although the band’s music can be described as Modern Hardcore , the band does its best to be more than just that with songs like Oborhoe in which the band uses haunting wails accompanied by very slow , sinister bass which is very reminiscent of the sluggish forms of powerviolence , whereas the second track , Impartial Eyes takes a slight melodic turn with twangy , a little overdriven, slightly black metallish guitars and to top it all. And to add to it there are two interesting post metal songs here as well, especially An Echo to your Unbelief’s which has a very 70’s spy movie feel to it . But honestly all of this is good but where the band really excels is when it comes to just going full speed ahead and knocking the listeners dead with some crushing guitar chugs accompanied by some very complex yet intricately carved dissonance which just go all over the place like a screw ball ,accompanied by some really simple yet powerful drumming.

So the final verdict? Although this band isn’t particularly doing anything which hasn’t been done before, they have managed to come up with a pretty good ep which is good for what it is, and in general, their craft is much more direct, more impactful than their contemporaries.

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