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Consciousness Removal Project – Tacit | Review

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Today we have our own reviewer Raul Singh sharing his thoughts on the album ‘Tacit’ from the one manned post metal outfit, ‘Consciousness Removal Project’.

Consciousness Removal Project - Tacit

Consciousness Removal Project – Tacit

01. Colossus I: Legacy  02:21
02. Mercurial  07:36
03. Colossus II: Thrashing  06:55
04. Decay Practice  04:50
05. Colossus III: Deadlock 07:36
06. Colossus IV: null && void 04:52
07. Lost Mnemonics 03:36
08. The Unknown Known 10:13

This one is a one man project from Finland, and they have been in the scene for quite a while now. Its a shame that most of us haven’t been introduced to this band yet. And yes, they are freaking awesome !!! I had to get my hands on their previous releases before I could put this one down in words, and somehow I did (don’t ask, don’t tell 😛 ). Most of the post-rock/metal bands I’ve been listening to , try to put elements of symphony and shoegaze and mix them up bitterly to call themselves post bands, but not CRP ( I’m lazy!)). I can honestly say to all the post-rock/shoegaze listeners out there, that if you haven’t discovered this band yet, this will be something very, very different then what you’ve been listening to so far.

Tacit starts with a very jazzy intro, in the name of “Colossus I : Legacy”. I’ve always admired the use of Saxophone in post-rock, and CRP knows exactly how to impress me with transitions 😀 ! As you make your way though the album, you start to sense all the minute detailing they have put in the making of this album. Next up “Mercurial”, have some powerful post-metal riffs, and is a delighting composition indeed. It’s actually tough to make something post and not make it sound single toned, but to use the same single toned pitch and cast it into something this beautiful is an art unto itself. The blend of heavy as well as light riffage here, more than deserves acknowledgment. By the time I reached “Colossus II: Thrashing” it looked as if the album is basically about the “Colossus” story, and the rest are all fillers, and by fillers I don’t mean they are not as good as the rest, but they take the role of supporting acts of the branched story the album is trying to convey. “Decay Practice” on the other hand , is deficient of creativity, but then I guess it was not meant to hit home anyway.What follows, are the last 2 tracks of the Colossus series, and shit you not, this guy is a genius. They’ve been designed to deliver a blend of lineal atmospheric silence and heavily distorted riffs that will have the listener fall into an aural trance. “Lost Mnemonics” is a small track, composed to play the bridge between the end of the Colossus story by “null & void” and the end of album. Bright acoustics, dark piano…and well placed distorted sounds make up the
“The unknown known”. The last 10 minutes of this elegant, swift and deeply terrifying journey of music is as good as it gets.
Tacit is something that will require multiple listens to truly appreciate its ethereal beauty. And I won’t be ashamed to admit that this album was beyond my deciphering capabilities. Nonethless it still is an experience that is totally worth the length.

RATING : 4.5/5

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