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Systemhouse 33 tour update: Exclusive interview

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Correspondent : Hari Kumar Shahtry

An Indian metal band touring with one of the biggest death metal acts in the world on their very own tour is a big deal . Mumbai metal stalwarts SystemHouse 33 will be treating us with their newest album “Regression“, followed by the Xmas in Hell 2015 European tour with Six Feet Under in December . ” Six Feet Under’s Xmas in Hell tour is their annual tour and to be a part of it would be a dream come true for any band and no Indian metal band has done this before, so we are thankful and looking forward to the tour. ” said Samron Jude, the band’s vocalist .
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With the inclusion of new guitars made in the same custom shop which manufactured the guitars of the legendary Dimebag Darrell , the band all are set to captivate us with the monstrosity which the new album is . “The composition and tone sounds a lot different than any of the previous albums and the songs are a lot catchier . We were experimenting in the past, this album is purely thrash metal with our elements of groove and its something more people can connect to – both in concept and music “.

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Regression is the paradox of progress; it is the disintegrating world we live in. We are doing more, but feeling worse. Covering the regressive nature of this progressing world, the tracks of the new SystemHouse33 album throws light on the omnipresent, yet rarely acknowledged two-sides of a developing world and how primitive a human being is in actuality. It’s not just about the rat race, its what makes people tread down that wide path of destruction masked in the tantalizing hype of being the only truth along with the alarming acceptance of a superficial life which has no place for morality. By this album, SystemHouse33 wants people to realize this evil around them and stand up for what is the truth.” elaborated Samron .

Being in the metal network for 12 years, the band has progressed through time. “Right now, the band feels at its best. Even though SystemHouse33 is 12 years old, we feel like we’ve started over again. That band has learned from the past and experience has taught us a mountain of things that we are going to implement in the future. SystemHouse33 is looking at the global music scene now because music has no boundaries. The country we live in has made it tough for independent artists, but we are trying hard and would really appreciate the support of people. The earlier years were better because there were many shows and every Indian metal band would get a platform to perform.There aren’t many metal gigs these days in India and not all metal bands get an opportunity to play at the few gigs mainly due to the dearth of venues and organizers’ band preferences that doesn’t really support the other bands in the scene. More bands are launching albums compared to before, but playing it live across the country still has a long way to go. On the flip side, bands like Kryptos, Demonic Resurrection, Gutlslit, Inner Sanctum have toured parts of Europe and taken Indian metal to newer heights ” concluded Samron when asked how time has affected the band and Indian metal music on the whole.

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