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Amogh Symphony To Release Third Studio Album

Jun 24 • Indian News, News • 2319 Views • No Comments on Amogh Symphony To Release Third Studio Album

Just a heads up for you guys, Amogh Symphony is generating a miasma of mystery concerning their new album which, even when in the works for 3 years seems to be full of promise. Consider Vishal J Singh’s own explanation of the album’s thematic intent:
It’s about cosmological explanation of whatever happening with living things on Earth and Non-Earth living beings. Osir and Karna returns. It’s one of the darkest, strongest and most detailed expression form of concept music/album i have ever made. Wasn’t possible at all without Jim, Andrey and all the other instrumentalists/engineers/singers involved in it. The only thing common between this new album and previous Amogh Symphony albums(ATOS and TQHC) is that it’s a very densed record. Like earlier albums, this album will also take time to grow up into listener’s head. I would like to say again that fans who liked the densely layered and “filled up” nature of old amogh symphony sound will totally dislike this record. But those who’ve changed their taste in music since the first day they discovered Amogh Symphony…they will like it.

Amogh Symphony To Release Third Studio Album

Amogh Symphony To Release Third Studio Album


Heavy? Oh, you bet. But if there is anything you can decipher from their history of creation, its that these guys don’t just talk big. ( Abolishing the Obsolete System, anyone?) Nonetheless, they promise to offer you far more than they have already done when talking about the stylistic nuances of the project :
Eerie Soundtrack and Background music score by using elements from Avant Garde/Contemporary Jazz, Classical music, World, Ethnic/folk, Low-Fi, a little bit of synthpop and …ahem….tech death with a rusty sound of grunge and punk. It’s still instrumental though.

Amogh Symphony - The Quantum Hack Code

Amogh Symphony – The Quantum Hack Code

Is anyone else wondering if they were influenced by Andy Warhol? Of course, they’re playing it close to the chest, and so we here at Metalbase can only give you Vishal’s words and tell you to be on the lookout for something almost inevitably awesome.
It’s very hard to explain and talk about this album that took me 3 years to finish. I am glad Jim and Andrey are still so patient with me lol. With all honesty, I hope you guys will love it considering it seems many are tired of creative blocks and same style, form and use of progressive music in and around the globe. But hey, music genre arguments is as same as religion and atheist arguments.Open up your mind, break boundaries and there is so much to learn from things that made no sense to you in past.

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