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Interview with Stark Denial

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Bringing the raw black metal experience straight from Mumbai, Stark Denial are one of the most significant bands in the Indian Black Metal scene, their crushingly raw sound and composition style brings out a taste of Scandinavian Black Metal while they maintain their own unique touch and approach to this style of metal. They released their EP titled ‘WAR‘ which was launched at Black Metal Krieg 3 back in December. Here’s the interview we did with the band a few months back

Stark Denial

Stark Denial

Metalbase India: So you have a new EP out. What is the main theme, idea behind this EP both lyrically and Musically?
Stark Denial: The theme of our EP WAR is pretty self explanatory, the lyrics are completely based on the entire concept of a war being executed and the music we have added all the elements of keeping it slow to some grooves and the fast black metal aspects.

MBI: How did you manage to get that raw tone for the guitars ?
Stark Denial: Well the guitar sound didnt come eventually we did alot of experimentation with that during our jam’s and finally when we get the sound we were looking for we decided to go ahead with it, we have had a lot of guitarists jam with us in the past but the current sound that we have clearly potraits our bands image.

MBI: You Launched your EP at Black Metal Krieg 3.How Was The Overall experience of the show and your reaction to the turnout?
Stark Denial: BMK3 has and always will be Stark Denial’s concept of promoting black metal, yes this edition we raised the bar by having 9 bands from all across india and the show was an awesome platform for us to launch our EP which was a great success for all of us.

MBI: You have gone through a major lineup change this year(2013). How has that affected the writing process and sound of the band?
Stark Denial: Yes ever since we started off as a band we have had a lot of people jamming with us, but the current line up is the best do far as it did take time in making sure the new guys in the band get familiar with the song’s but its worth the wait and we have really good and dedicated musician’s joined us Sunny Heith on guitars, Paresh Garude on bass and Vineet Nair on drums.

Stark Denial's EP 'War'

Stark Denial’s EP ‘War’

MBI: Why Black Metal? What drew you to start making black metal to begin with?
Stark Denial: Black Metal has been the only metal genre which has such a sadistic past, and in the band we all have been fans of this genre since a really long time. Hence we decided to turn our love for this genre into something which we would want to dedicate to some of the greatest black metal bands out there.

MBI: What would you like to define your band’s sound like, And who happen to be your main lnfluences?
Stark Denial: The fast agressive guitar riff’s relentless drumming and bleeding screeches defines our sound as a band we like to keep it fast and raw as most of our song’s are, bands which have influenced us are, Immortal, Darkthrone, Satyricon, Dark Funeral, Inquisition, Nargaroth etc and a lot more to go.

Stark Denial
Stark Denial

Stark Denial

MBI: What is your take on the Indian black metal scene? which is kind of more of a fledgling scene perhaps.What do you feel the scene offers, or perhaps lacks ?
Stark Denial: The Indian black metal scene is definitely on a rise with bands rising from all part’s of the country giving this genre the well deserved focus it deserves.

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Stark Denial – Conquering Thy Enemies Throne

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